2MI Software’s VPIntegrate provides seamless workflow for clinicians to conduct virtual visits and produce patient notes via dictation, Dragon, and human transcription

Charlotte, NC, April 20, 2018–  Adding telehealth to their feature-filled Patient Note generation application, Arrendale Associates has partnered with 2MI Software Solutions to include HIPAA Compliant video visits into the Speak-EZ+ software workflow.  Trends in legislation and reimbursement policies continue to accelerate the use and adoption of telehealth services.  2MI and Arrendale believe now is the perfect time to add telehealth options, especially for traveling, over scheduled and rural clinicians.  In addition to live video, clinicians can remotely view images from external cameras and audio devices such as otoscopes and stethoscopes while maintaining video and audio with the client.  Clinicians can now schedule and start virtual sessions with patients with a simple click of an email from Arrendale’s SpeakEZ+ platform and generate notes in a variety of ways.  Once completed, notes can be e-signed and uploaded back into the EHR. For those without an electronic record, Speak-EZ+ can serve as a secure online repository with searching, distribution and eSign functionality.

“We’ve been watching the Telehealth wave for the past few years and believe telehealth is coming to the forefront across all markets from acute care to behavioral health and social services.  The cost savings coupled with high-quality video and easy workflow make this a fantastic tool for our clinicians.”,  said Del Arrendale, President of Arrendale Associates. “ The ability to provide remote examinations for post-acute and follow up care will be a game changer in how future healthcare is delivered.  Telehealth will help drive costs down while improving the overall quality of comphrensive care.“

“When we first saw the SpeakEZ+ platform, we knew adding 2MI’s VPIntegrate into AAI’s application would be a 1+1=3 solution.  The efficiency it provides caseworkers and clinicians is unmatched as Arrendale Associates can capture patient records from numerous EHRs and then push completed notes back into the record.  Proof of session metadata is automatically loaded into the patient note.”, added Scott Allen, President & CEO of 2MI Software. “A single application couples Speak-EZ+ with VPEZ producing a straightforward app to see patients remotely and generate notes from anywhere via self entry, dictation and transcription. This equates to treating more patients while documenting visits faster.”



About Arrendale Associates, Inc.:

Arrendale Associates (AAI) supplies comprehensive clinical documentation solutions to healthcare customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and India.  Arrendale Associates, a Nuance integrator and reseller, has enhanced Nuance’s Dragon within Arrendale’s Speak-EZ+ application for greater productivity, voice file retention, HIPAA tracking and workflow flexibility. Clinician narrative, dictated on AAI’s Mobile+ app, is available as a draft note in minutes at a Speak-EZ+ PC desktop.  Health systems, physician practices, behavioral health, specialty clinics and medical transcription service organizations benefit from AAI’s TA+ cloud-hosted platform by reducing costs and improving documentation with customizable workflow and EHR integration.  Since 1989 Arrendale has developed, engineered and marketed software systems for dictation, workflow, speech recognition, transcription, electronic signature and document delivery.  Arrendale’s transcription service subsidiary, A+Network, LLC, serves health systems and physician practices in the US and UK with a US domiciled workforce and industry-leading accuracy and turnaround times.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Judith Arrendale at (888) 300-6232 or email  JArrendale@aaita.com.


About 2MI Software Solutions:

Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, 2MI Software Solutions designs and builds user-friendly web, desktop, mobile, and database applications to customers’ exact specifications. Our applications are well-documented for easy, ongoing use by customers and are built using best practices & accepted industry standards. We build custom applications to fit any budget and meet every goal. We have worked and partnered with companies and organizations of all industries and sizes, locally and nationally, since our founding in 2008.  We also have a stand-alone, cloud-based Telehealth platform named VPCare360.

For more information please visit: www.VPCare360.com or contact:

Scott Allen,   sales@2mi-software.com