MethodOne is now offering Integrated Telehealth Services via 2MI Software’s VPIntegrate Platform.

Chattanooga, TN April 9, 2018. After a successful demonstration at the annual AATOD conference, Computalogic has released its integrated Telehealth service on its MethodOne Electronic Health Records software. Adding to the already feature rich platform, high definition, HIPAA compliant video provides a flexible, easy workflow for clinicians to treat and counsel clients in remote clinics. Using 2MI Software’s VPIntegrate (Virtual Portal) module allows for seamless creation and connection to video sessions within MethodOne. Session metadata is automatically sent to MethodOne when the session is over providing proof of session details. Telehealth services allow providers to conduct virtual counseling and assessment sessions which significantly expands the reach of care and clinical efficiency.

“We are thrilled to have this high-quality video platform integrated into our application. The workflow is seamless and very easy to use on both the provider and client side,” said Keith Jones, CEO of Computalogic. “In the face of increasing demand for services our customers provide, having a secure video platform will allow our customers to treat and counsel more clients in an extremely efficient and affordable modality. Telehealth services are a game changer in MAT and OBOT care delivery.”

“Working with the Computalogic team has been a great experience. Integrating our platform in to their application and workflow is a tremendous opportunity for both 2MI Software Solutions and Computalogic.” Scott Allen, President of 2MI Software added, “the MethodOne Clinic Management system already was an extremely powerful application and with the addition of Telehealth services, is now the most powerful platform designed for MAT and OBOT clinics.”

MethodOne customers can sign up for this service at no charge. Clinicians who take advantage of the service will be charged on a per session basis and invoiced at the end of each month.

About Computalogic’s MethodOne:

MethodOne Clinic Management Software has everything you need to effectively and efficiently manage your clinic. MethodOne is flexible and configured to work with your processes and procedures. It is affordable, making it a smart choice for small or large clinics, new or established clinics, and for clinics with or without software. We offer unparalleled customer support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year via phone, and email. The software includes financial management including billing, dispensing of multiple medications, medical modules with electronic doctor signoff, fully configurable counseling module and more. For more information please.

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Keith Jones, President & CEO


About 2MI Software Solutions:

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Scott Allen, Chief Client Engagement Officer